Harris Pattern is a premiere manufacturer of pattern equipment for the foundry industry. CPM designs pattern equipment to meet the needs of the casting as well as the foundry. Harris Pattern will build patterns for your foundry source or ours. We work hard to find the balance between the different types of tooling based on the number of castings needed, total project duration, and casting costs while maintaining quality and cost effectiveness. From prototype wood and plastic patterns to full production equipment, we take pride in meeting or exceeding short lead times. Harris Pattern works closely with foundries to develop patterns that reduce the overall casting cost by reducing scrap and machining times. Our skilled engineers and pattern makers are traditional tradesmen, who take great pride in their craftsmanship and the reputation of Harris Pattern!

What is a Pattern Maker?

A pattern maker is an exalted craftsman, the greatest common denominator, as well as the least common multiple of all industrial production. A pattern maker must have the creative conception of a draughtsman designer, the practical ability of a moulder, the precise skill of a machinist, the analytical judgment of a metallurgist and the specific exactness of a mathematician.

He must create a plan, or design, with vision and ingenuity and build the idea from trade to trade with practical knowledge: thinking and forming inside and out with length, breadth and thickness, adjusting accurately all values and dimensions and producing with dexterous finality any conceivable form to be cast in metal.

The products of the pattern maker’s skill are truly surrounded by an aura of greatness with dignifies his right to assume a place of confidence, trust, and honor in all industrial advance and national progress.

Edward Leslie